Run For A Beer - Complete
Run The 5K or 10K Course

Runners 10:45am

Fitness Concepts to Gardner, Ale House - Gardner, MA

Run from Fitness Concepts to the Gardner Ale House 
for a Beer at the finish, FREE Tek Running Shirt, 
Beer Glass to all Runners and Walkers!
Oktoberfest starts as soon as you cross the finish line!


T-shirt cut off date is 8/31/16.


** Day of Registration is $35 Cash or Check only.



        Welcome to Run for a Beer 2016! On behalf of the North Country Quad Series Committee, we appreciate your participation and willingness to be a part of providing funds to our youth athletes! Here are a few need to know items to get you set up for race day!


Early Registration Pick-up:


Bib and shirt pick-up will take place at Fitness Concepts on Friday September 23rdfrom 9am to 6pm. If you plan to pick up your shirt at early pick-up but have decided NOT to participate in the race please leave your RFID timing sensor with the registration table. 


If you plan on changing which race you are running please notify the registration table when you pick up your bibs. Changing races during the  race is not permitted and you will be disqualified and your time will not be recorded. 


North Country Quad Series Timing Info:


North Country Quad Series is committed to providing participants with quality races and timing while raising funds for the young athletes in our community. In order to ensure we are able to give the most of your registration dollars back to our community we use a reusable RFID timing sensor. Please follow these steps to ensure we can provide you with accurate timing AND re-use

your timing tag to help our community:


  • Please pin tag to LEFT hip
  • Prominently secure bib to the front of your shirt to ensure clear visibility of your bib number
  • If you have decided to NOT participate in the race, but would like to receive your race items at early pick up PLEASE leave your RFID tag in the bucket at the registration table
  • After the race PLEASE RETURN RFID tag in exchange for the Run for a Beer mug under the tents in the parking lot across from the Gardner Ale House.


I.D. Bracelets: 


Everyone MUST have their ID checked by the friendly Gardner Ale House staff at

Fitness Concepts after 9am on race day to receive a bracelet for your Run For a Beer glass at the Gardner Ale House after the race. The bracelets are color coded for participants over 21 and the non-beer participants! Gardner Ale House staff will be at 3 locations starting at 9am on race


  • Race Day Registration
  • Pre-Registration Pick-up
  • Outside for those that picked up their packets prior to Race Day!
  • Please remember you MUST have your ID checked at Fitness Concepts on Race Day!!!
  • Gardner Ale House staff will give you the Run for a Beer mug in exchange for your RFID timing sensor tag at the end of the race!


Runners Notes:


    RFAB 2016 is committed to the safety of the participants and the greater community. Runners & Walkers of the 5k and 10k take off at 10:45am. To best ensure the safety of self and others the RFAB committee has made a few additional notes for participants to follow.


    All participants must adhere to the designated running lanes through all roads in the course.


  • Please note the volunteer teams at the following intersections:
    •   West Broadway and Fredette
    •   Fredette & Parker
    •   Parker Intersection (Lafayette Square)
    •   West & Oak
    •   Central & Parker
    •   Park and Clark Street 
    •   At the cross over near the Gardner Animal Hospital/ at the turn onto Green.
    •   At the turn onto the Bike Path
    •   At the turn onto Heywood Street
    •   At the turn onto Woodland Ave
    •   At the turn onto Central.
    •   Finish Line 
  •   Volunteer teams are positioned to assist you with questions, landmarks and reminders of the location of the running lane.
  •    Failure to stay in the running lane throughout the run will result in disqualification from the race.
  •     The 10k will cross the road three times please be on the look out for where to cross the road and be careful:
    • Oak Street
    • Green Street by Golf Course
    • Central Street ( By the Ice Rink)


    There are two water stops.  One on Oak Street (mile 2.3 and the second near the Animal Hospital at mile 4).


    There has been recent road construction on the 10K course along Park Street and that repaving has not yet been completed so runners need to watch for uneven surfaces.





As Parker Street will be closed for the race there is NO PARKING along Parker Street or in the parking lot across from the Gardner Ale House or in the parking lot behind the

Gardner Ale House! Parking near the Gardner Ale House is designated in the following parking lots in and around downtown:

• Gardner City Hall

• Gardner Public Library

• Municipal Parking Lot across from Gardner Public Library

• Along City Hall Ave


Oktoberfest “Party In The Street” & Chair Luge Challenge:


You will be running right into the beginning of the Oktoberfest “Party In The Street” in front of the Gardner Ale House. The party begins when the first runners arrive! Oktoberfest is an all-day affair with food, drink, music, beer maidens and more food – all in the street. You might want to stick around.

At 2 PM there is the very famous Chair Luge Challenge. It’s a hilarious race with costumed drivers in vehicles made from chairs, wheels, bikes, whatever, and some creative welding. The accidents are spectacular and the results unexpected. It makes for some fun watching and



Oktoberfest ends at 11 PM.


Shuttle Service:


Service will be provided for participants who choose to leave their vehicle at Fitness

Concepts. Preferred parking at Fitness Concepts includes the Fitness Concepts parking lot and parking at bus company parking lot to the right of Fitness Concepts. Shuttle service will run at 12:00pm  12:30pm & 1:00pm from the GFA on Park Street to Fitness Concepts following the run and festivities at Gardner Ale House.

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